Sunday, September 5, 2010

Easy Mp3 Recording (also using iTunes) - CodeProject

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A year ago my sister and I wanted to make Mp3 back-up copies of everything we had bought on iTunes. So I wrote this program and posted an article on it. However, the program itself was complicated to use and cumbersom in its code as I never bothered to clean up the code once I had finished programming. However, recently it became necessary for me to produce an easy-to-use version. So, while I was improving the design of the application I thought I'd improve the code as well. As a result I have produced a library with three useful classes in it (and some helper classes used internally). The two classes are Recorder and iTunes Recorder Extension. Recorder is the base recording class that uses the Istrib libraries (available from here) to record stuff. This can easily be incorperated into any application that wishes to record stuff. iTunes Recorder Extension is more specific as the name suggests. This class provides an easily used object that links iTunes and its libraries with the Recorder class and Istrib libraries.
Easy Mp3 Recording (also using iTunes) - CodeProject
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