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Tech Review: Apple iPod Nano -

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The new iPod Nano is now available in stores, but are the prices worth the new features? Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip take a look at the portable medial player, like its new multi-touch screen, built-in FM radio and more.

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What You Need To know
  • It measure 1.5" across and about as thin as an iPod Touch.
  • It weighs under an ounce.
  • It has a 1.5" multi-touch screen but is not too small to use.
  • It works like an iPhone with swiping and tapping, and you can rotate the screen.
  • Since there's no home button, you just swipe right or tap and hold to go back.
  • One minor gripe is when you're swiping through home screens, it doesn’t cycle around so you have to swipe back and forth a lot.
  • They've kept a lot of features like FM radio, pedometer, Nike Plus capability and photo viewer, which work just as well on a device half the size of the original.
  • The FM radio is cool, especially because you can still pause it for up to 15 minutes or rewind to hear what you've missed.
  • The fitness apps like the pedometer, Nike Plus and the stop watch all work like they should.
  • Starting and stopping timers might get a little wonky since it's so small.
  • Looking at photos may seem useless since it's on such a tiny screen, but the resolution isn't bad.
  • There is no pinch and zoom on photos.
  • The sound quality is good but you should probably buy better ear buds.
  • They took away some features, like video camera, mic, speaker, watching videos, calendar, games or alarm clock.
  • 8 GB for $150
  • 16 GB for $180
  • 4 Seals of Approval out of 5 (How do we rate gadgets?)
  • Even though they've taken away a lot of features and kept the price high, the design and performance are some of the best for a device this size.
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Tech Review: Apple iPod Nano -
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