Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Silverlight 4 in Action Manning Publications | Wow! eBook - Great eBook, Great Site!


Silverlight in Action, Revised Edition is a fast-paced, comprehensive tutorial that guides the reader from creating “Hello World” to coding production-quality, data-driven rich internet applications with graphics, audio, and video content. Written for a developer who already knows how to code in C#, this fluff-free book covers the basics quickly and dives into the heart of Silverlight development using XAML (a language for creating user interface elements) and Visual Studio 2010. You’ll learn not only how to accomplish tasks, but how the underlying runtime works.
In addition to the fundamentals, the book covers the new features in Silverlight like pixel shaders, webcam and microphone, as well as WCF RIA Services and patterns like MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). It explains developing offline and “out-of-browser” applications, managing video and audio, handling validation, navigation and deep-linking, and how each Silverlight feature fits into the overall Silverlight ecosystem.
The overall goal of this book is to inform and educate you about the exciting and powerful Silverlight 4 platform. Think of it as a guided tour through the Silverlight 4 plug-in, runtime libraries, and SDK. After you’ve read this book, you should be able to confidently design, develop, and deliver your first rich interactive applications using Silverlight. To facilitate the learning process, I’ve structured the book to get you developing as soon as possible, while providing quality, in-depth content.
Silverlight 4 in Action is a comprehensive guide to application building using C#. It goes into action immediately in a thorough introduction. It then follows up with numerous nifty examples to explore flexible layout, control extensibility, the communication and binding models, rich media, animation, and much more.
This book explores practical questions in patterns, testing, and performance optimization throughout. No previous experience with Silverlight is required. Silverlight gives you entirely new ways to create rich internet applications, and now Silverlight 4 adds many powerful enhancements to the mix.
Silverlight 4 in Action Manning Publications | Wow! eBook - Great eBook, Great Site!
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