Monday, March 30, 2009

Using Mathematics on your Blog

Okay, I have often wondered how to add mathematical equations in blogger. It was perplexing me. So now I have found a couple of solutions.

1. Follow the following prescription on the following blog: Please Make A Note
2. Use the Latex Equation Editor because it allows you type in almost any equation and expression and gives you various forms such as HTML that can just be copied and pasted onto any site or blog you want. For example:

Make Your Own Font

I found a website that allows you to make your own fonts. It’s easy. They provide a template that you download. You then write in all the letters and symbols you want as a part of your font. And then you scan the templates into a *.tiff image files and upload them back into the site. Then you can download a font and install it into you r computer. It is really slick! T think I really need to upload another version because my handwriting is not all that great.

To make your own font, You can go to the following website for more information:

In case I can't get my font to show up on my blog post I've embedded the page below.