Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Controlling iOS Devices Via C# Code on Windows OS - CodeProject

Controlling iOS Devices Via C# Code on Windows OS - CodeProject

Throttling WCF

I found some really great articles on configuring throttling for WCF Services


I was looking up resources via Google on the entire concept of throttling in WCF. There are some very good pages if you use Google; sadly, MSDN is most definitely not on the list as it is practically useless for anything except class definitions. I decided to try to put into one document an overview of how throttling works, along with some sample projects to help get your head around it.

WCF Performance Tuning

 WCF is a programming platform that allows us to build, configure and deploy the network distributed services. Basically WCF works on a Service oriented concept. There are some points that can help us to improve the performance of WCF.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) includes a large set of performance counters to help you gauge your application's performance.

WCF throttling provides some properties that you can use to limit how many instances or sessions are created at the application level. Performance of the WCF service can be improved by creating proper instance.
Attribute Description
maxConcurrentCalls Limits the total number of calls that can currently be in progress across all service instances. The default is 16.
maxConcurrentInstances The number of InstanceContext objects that execute at one time across a ServiceHost. The default is Int32.MaxValue.
maxConcurrentSessions A positive integer that limits the number of sessions a ServiceHost object can accept. The default is 10.
Service Throttling can be configured either Adminstractive or Programatically