Friday, September 10, 2010

Preparing the ground for iPhone development - CodeProject

Here is the introduction:
This article is for someone who, like me, has coded before -- but never for Apple technologies.
A good friend gave me an iPhone primer book. So I installed Xcode and dived in. It has been a rocky six weeks. While all of the problems I have had to deal with are still fresh in my head, I will try to make the path a little easier for the next traveler. If you, like me, lack patience, this guide is for you.
I see a lot of books reinventing the wheel by writing their own Hello World applications, encouraging the reader to depend on the book. This is naughty. Some of the Apple documentation is very good!
What you need to do is get fluent with using the resources available to you:
  • First of all, register as an Apple developer on their website. Once in, you have access to their developer videos, you can download and install Xcode, you have access to their forums.
  • Google
  • IRC: ( if you don't have a client). is very active -- ask a good question and they will help you.
  • Forums: Apple's developer forum, stack overflow, etc.
  • Apple's documentation, of which Xcode keeps a local copy.
Preparing the ground for iPhone development - CodeProject
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