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Tech Review: Apple iPod Touch -

Here is a summary of what we learn about the new iPod Touch from the Attack of the Show review.

The iPod Touch has a brand new look with a slew of new features! Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip review Apple's latest generation of portable media players with its dual cameras, HD video recording and FaceTime capability.
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What You Need To Know

  • The iPod Touch is thinner than the new Nano at just under 3/10ths of an inch thick.
  • It weighs an ounce lighter than the iPhone4, so when this thing is in your pocket, you can barely feel it.
  • They've added the same Retina Display that the new iPhone has, so it's the same experience.
  • The Retina Display has an 960x640 resolution and is one of the most beautiful displays you can get on a mobile device.
  • It may not have the contrast ratio that AMOLED screens do, but the detail and clarity is second to none.
  • It also has the same improved interface as the iPhone 4, including multi-tasking and the A4 processor, which makes it much faster than the last iPod.
  • Multi-tasking is also just as fast as you want it to be, so be ready to play a lot of games at once.
  • They've added two cameras: one on the back and one in the front.
  • New features include HD video recording, FaceTime capability and the Game Center, all of which work pretty well.
  • The back camera is about only one mega pixel, so pictures are not the best.
  • There's also no flash but you can record 720p video.
  • We were surprised that Apple didn't give the Touch a better camera since the iPhone's camera is great.
  • FaceTime works exactly like an iPhone 4, which means it's practically seamless.
  • If you want to call someone, just enter their email address and call.
  • Game Center is Apple's answer to multi-player gaming on the iPhone. You can ask friends to play online in certain games, or compare states and achievements.
  • You can even talk to them while you're playing. Once this feature grows, it will be a lot of fun.
  • Audio quality is good but again, you're going to need to buy a better pair of ear buds.
  • 8 GB for $230
  • 32 GB for $300
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Tech Review: Apple iPod Touch -
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