Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visual Studio Add-in Library - CodeProject

The Microsoft Visual Studio .NET logo.Image via WikipediaHere is the introduction.
It has been a long time I wanted to natively integrate all our tools into Visual Studio, but due to lack of time and desire, I always thought: "OK, I'll see this later", and nothing was done... So this summer, I started to dig the Visual Studio plug-in APIs (EnvDTE), and while browsing CodeProject and more generally the Web, I discovered that in fact no one has a clear and simple solution to create add-ins for Visual Studio. For older versions, people where talking about packages and pure COM calls; for new ones (VS2005+), the Add-in Project template was used, and each article I read had its own implementation and limitation. Moreover, even the MS documentation wasn't clear, giving sometimes samples with different implementations for the same requirement. So, this library is a compilation of practices (that work!) that I picked around and reorganized to simplify the creation of add-ins and the associated menu items/commands.
Visual Studio Add-in Library - CodeProject
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