Wednesday, October 19, 2011

odeint v2 - Solving ordinary differential equations in C++ - CodeProject

Introduction to Article

This article introduces the second version of odeint - a C++ framework for solving ordinary differential equation (ODEs). It is based on template metaprogramming, is independent of a specific container type and can be used with modern graphic cards. Under to hood of odeint a lot of stuff has changed in the current version. It is not directly compatible with the first version but only slight changes have to be done to make version one and version two compatible. A brief introduction of the first version of odeint has been given here at codeproject.
The current version of odeint-v2 can be obtained from github. The full documentation includes a lot of tutorials and example and also can be found at github. odeint has been supported by the Google summer of code program. It is planned to release the odeint within the boost libraries, although it is not clear if odeint will pass the review process of boost.

odeint v2 - Solving ordinary differential equations in C++ - CodeProject
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