Saturday, October 22, 2011

Implementing Programming Languages using C# - CodeProject

C Sharp (programming language)Image via WikipediaIntroduction to article

This goal of this article is to introduce the basic concepts of programming language implementation for C# programmers. This article provides a quick overview of the concepts of implementing programming languages, and uses a number of examples including an arithmetic evaluator and a simple JavaScript interpreter.
Accompanying this article is an open-source parser library written in C# 4.0 called Jigsaw. The most up to date version of Jigsaw can be downloaded online at
Jigsaw contains a reasonably efficient and robust parsing engine and a large number of sample grammars and evaluators. The Jigsaw parsing library is an evolution of the parsers used in the Cat language and later Heron language, but has been optimized by addding support for memoization.
The Jigsaw library is licenced under the MIT open-source license. If for some reason you need another license please contact me at If you end up using or abusing Jigsaw I would love to hear about it!

Implementing Programming Languages using C# - CodeProject
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