Friday, October 21, 2011

Assembly Programming with Visual Studio 2010 - CodeProject

Introduction to Article
This article provides a simple example on how to program a small program in x86 assembly language. The technologies used will be MASM (the Microsoft Assembler now distributed with Visual Studio) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Assembly programs offer the advantage of speed and full control over things that in other programming languages you cannot even touch. The example is a very simple example of basic text encryption and entails all basic assembly commands that one can use to start dealing with the magical realm of low level programming. And knowing how the computer responds at that level is crucial for someone who wants to be a programmer. Again, the main advice is one: EXPERIMENT! Try various commands you find in MASM manuals, change commands on your own, play with the memory and the registers.

Assembly Programming with Visual Studio 2010 - CodeProject
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