Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turning your Blog into a Mobile App

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I've been looking into options for turning blogs into mobile apps. I found 2 more sites that do this for a free. They also work iPhone OS and the Android OS

My App Builder - $29/month Plus $20 for each app posted to iTunes.

You get to make and manage as many apps as you want.These apps seem to be a straight conversion without much in terms of bells and whistles. But I will be trying it out. It is designed for more than just blogs. Make your content to all kinds of apps - Comic Books, Music, Audio Book, Book, Magazines, Videos, and all the other personal content that people are generating these days.

iSites -

More expensive but gives you more analytic data like how many people have downloaded the app.  It's pricing makes it more difficult to make both Android and iPhone apps at the same time, but it's possible. It even allows  you sign up and start designing apps without paying. I made an app that  incorporates 3 of my blogs and my Twitter feed all in the same app. You even get a flavor for what the thing would looks like.

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