Friday, November 12, 2010

RC car control programming - CodeProject

I was doing an RC car design project of my own and when I saw the competition of hardware projects on the CodeProject I thought of participating on the event which is going to be my first experience would be fine. I will discuss the project in brief here and I am sorry for my poor English, but I will try to be clear.
This car is a toy that carries a camera on it and, being controlled by software from a PC, is driven to the place of user’s interest. It is driven by two DC motors (one on each side of the car) with their speed reduced by gear boxes. Here I will not discuss the detail of the mechanical and the electronic part of the car and of course the video display part of the software on a PC. So, the inputs and output modules of the car are just represented as blocks. Here is the sketch of the car I have drawn using the Google SketchUp.
RC car control programming - CodeProject
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