Monday, November 8, 2010

Elevated trust in Silverlight 4 - CodeProject

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In Silverlight 4, Out Of Browser with elevated permission is significantly improved, now the OOB application has more privilege in accessing system resources such as the ability of accessing Isolated Storage, manipulating COM objects, access local registry entries, or even invoke Microsoft Speech API to phonate.
Essentially, to achieve this, the main improvements are:
  1. Microsoft gives Silverlight 4 OOB applications ability to request elevated trust.
    From Trusted Applications
    You can configure out-of-browser applications to require elevated trust. After installation, these trusted applications can bypass some of the restrictions of the security sandbox. For example, trusted applications can access user files and use full-screen mode without keyboard restrictions.
  2. A new concept coming from .NET 4.0 called “late binding”, the C# key word: dynamic could be use to declare a undetermined type at build time, during runtime, Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder will do dynamically building.
Elevated trust in Silverlight 4 - CodeProject
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