Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3D solar system with OpenGL and C# - CodeProject

Solar System
Solar System (Photo credit: Joe Plocki (turbojoe))
 Introduction to Article

Hello this is a 3D solar system implementation with OpenGL and C#. I tried to keep it simple because this demo it’s only for educational purposes. It contains the sun, the planets, our moon, the planet’s orbit and some stars. It is programmed in Visual Studio 2008 and I have upgraded it to Visual Studio 2010 without any kind of issue.  I used for this demo the TAO namespace which it’s an interop between the OpenGL dll and the .NET Framework. I also used Shadowengine, a small graphic framework developed by me to get rid you of the tedium of hard coding the loading of textures, the initialization of the graphic context among others. 

3D solar system with OpenGL and C# - CodeProject
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