Monday, January 2, 2012

Google Plus Brand Page - Blogger Widgets

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I found out about two great articles today about integrating Google+ features into Blogger!

During the initial launch, Google Plus was limited to personal profiles unlike it’s rival Facebook which had a platform where brands can create pages for themselves. Plus was then a platform for connecting people to people and not with brands.During the initial phase it never allowed Brands to Create profiles for themselves by imposing strict name checks while creating the profile. In 2011 November Google however released it’s equivalent of the Facebook Pages, which they have termed as Google Plus Brand Pages.

How to Create a Google Plus Brand Page - Blogger Widgets

If you have already created a Google Plus Brand Page, then it is time to promote your Brand Page right from your Blog. You can do so by adding a Google Plus Page Badge on your Blog. The Page Badge has two variations.The standard badge displays the profile pictures of the people who have +1 ed your Brand Page along with the +1 count and an Add to Circles Button. The badge has a minimal version as well.

Add Google Plus Page Badge to Blogger

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