Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To Gain Full Market Access in ViewSonic G-Tablet

I recently had a chance to play with the ViewSonic G-Slate Android tablet. I bought the 10 inch version for my wife. It's awesome and has a lot of great qualities. Unfortunately, it does have some problems. It isn't completely open enough to install whatever you want. However it has been hacked and you can do almost anything you want. Here are a few links that teach you how to take your G-Slate off the chain.

How To Gain Full Market Access in ViewSonic G-Tablet

[GUIDE] Install ClockworkMod, a ROM, Flash Player, and the Market Fix

How To: Unleash The Power Of The Viewsonic G Tablet And Turn It Into The Best Performing Tablet On The Market

Viewsonic G Tablet, From Rags To Riches - An Owner's Guide To Making The Best Of A Great Tablet

Alternatively, you can just load the Market, Gmail, and Maps on the tablet and allow more apps to be easily loaded

The Viewsonic G Tablet Super Thread (w/Market, Gmail, and Maps!)

But you need the AndRootFile to do the steps given in the link above can be found from the following thread:

[Q] AndRootFile or any other file manager that supports root access
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