Monday, May 3, 2010

Here I Am - 101 Best Android Apps


Let people know where you are! This application can send SMS or email with yourcoordinates and link to Google Maps.This link also opens in Maps application on Android and iPhone, and can be used as an endpoint for driving directions.
This app can use both GPS and Network location providers. GPS has priority since it's more accurate. Network location determines location based on availability of cell tower and WiFi access points. Results are retrieved by means of a network lookup.
Please note: to acquire its initial position fix the GPS must have a view of the sky sufficient to 'see' four to five satellites continuously for about 45 seconds. You must be located in an area with a clear view of the horizon around you. Tall buildings, houses, trees and other object will all affect this process. Don't try and get a GPS lock while moving, unless there's absolutely no alternative.
Additional functions:
 • Copy current location to clipboard.
 • Insert the last know location.
 • Open current location in Maps app.
 • Change coordinates display format.
 • Shows either address or elevation.

Here I Am - 101 Best Android Apps
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