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WCF: From a Beginner's perspective & a Tutorial - CodeProject

Architecture of WPF
Architecture of WPF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 From the Intro to the article:

Well, WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation, it was first shipped with .NET 3.0 framework along with WPF, Windows CardSpace and WorkFlow Foundation.
From a beginner's perspective, what does actually WCF mean? Let's break the abbreviation into single entities and try to debug. It consists of 3 words, a)Windows b)Communication c)Foundation.
A beginner would glance at the words and would think, well it is something which deals with Windows platform, which is used to communicate and connect applications. Hmm, well he/she ain't wrong on the first strike...
A definition which comes to mind may be summed up as: WCF is a kind of technology, which is used to develop and deploy services on Windows platform. Different books have different set of words to describe WCF, but the gist is almost the same which points to development and deployment of services on Windows Platform.
MSDN says, WCF is a framework to build service-oriented applications. So basically WCF revolves around developing applications which are greatly dependent upon services.

WCF: From a Beginner's perspective & a Tutorial - CodeProject
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