Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Find and Replace Utilities

Notepad (software)
Notepad (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's tempting to just try using "Find and Replace" in notepad or wordpad if you are running Windows,. but don't do it if your file is large and/or you have a bunch of files all needing the same text replaced. Instead try a utility. The one's listed below are really good. I had 8 sql files that contained queries that all had to be edited the same way and Replace Text handled it quickly. I was trying to use Notepad on just one of the files and it didn't finish replacing the text although I ran it all night. the night before. I'm not getting paid for the endorsement but it came in real handy - and it's free.

Replace Text :: ecobyte :: software with a cause

Another free piece of software that does a similar job is Text Crawler.  Download and read more about it at:

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