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compiling python for windows phone 8 - CodeProject

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It seems that Python is not easy to compile on Windows phone 8. Here is a great article about how to compile Python on that platform.
Windows phone 8(wp8) supports native code. Developers can write applications using c/c++ directly, and port existing achievements to windows phone. But there are many differences between APIs on wp8 and APIs on win32. These differences exist in many categories, such as native thread, synchronization method, file find, library load, etc, which brings a lot of workload for code porting.
Python is a dynamic script language and has many function modules. It is easy to learn and use. Python can improve the flexibility of the application and existing python module can also be used to speed up the development procedure. For python is dynamic language, Apps can uses this feature to create logic or controls some application functions dynamically. Python interpreter is written in c code. Because wp8 supports native code, we can compile python source code on wp8. Thus makes it possible to use python on wp8.
Because the limitations of APIs on wp8, changes have to be made in some source code of python to be compiled successfully. Furthermore, some APIs such as thread, windows registry are not supported, not all modules or features can be ported to wp8.
This article talks about how to compile python source code on wp8, the changes made on source code, and gives an example using python in wp8 native app.

compiling python for windows phone 8 - CodeProject
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