Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running Android Apps on Emulator - CodeProject

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This is basically a non-programming article in which I am describing how to install Android apps on an emulator.
Many times we come across situations when we cannot run a much liked Android application on a device. Either we do not have a device to test our application, or we do not have space to install the application on our device, or simply we want to test an application before installing it on our device. In such cases, the emulator provided by the Android SDK comes to the rescue.
In this article, I will show how to create an SD card to be used by the Android emulator, how to mount the SD card and copy applications to the SD card. Once the app is copied to the emulator, it can be installed in the same way as installing on a real device. I am assuming here that the Android SDK has been installed on the computer.
As an example, I am showing how to install the AngryBirds game on the emulator.

Running Android Apps on Emulator - CodeProject
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