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Webcam and Annotation With HTML5 - CodeProject

English: Grayscale image of a Microsoft LifeCa...
English: Grayscale image of a Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 webcam attached to a display. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Introduction to article

Nowadays, Webcam is widely used for both personal and business. It is simple, cheap, and yet powerful for image acquisition.
Some developers prefer to create their own webcam libraries. In this case, you need to learn technologies like TWAIN, WIA and/or DirectShow.
Note: the WIA and DirectShow APIs are recommended to develop a webcam SDK. TWAIN, however, is a good option for scanners.
However, due to the complexity of learning the APIs, as well as the technologies such as COM interfaces, it’s not an easy task for developers to create and embed Webcam SDK into their web applications. There are two options to simplify the whole process:
  • Use a third-party plug-in/add-on to access and control the webcams, such as Flash, Silverlight, etc.
  • Adopt the new technology – HTML5.
I will talk more about the second option in this article.
Webcam devices will be supported by the new video element and the getUserMedia API in HTML5. This means we can capture video streams and images from Webcam devices with just a few lines of JavaScript and HTML code, and the end users do not need to install anything for the browsers.

Webcam and Annotation With HTML5 - CodeProject
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