Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Android RESTful/OAuth upload file to Dropbox - CodeProject

Introduction to Article I found for making an Android app upload files to DropBox!

A few of my applications generate files locally and although  methods to transfer those files like Bluetooth/Wifi transfer , email and similar are included users are heavily using the Cloud so the option to write the files to the Cloud was due pronto. We can accomplish this  using the RESTful API/services from the Cloud provider.

 RESTFul services are becoming a predominant Web service  nowadays due to its simpler style specially its stateless mode. Clients on different platforms can access resources via this architecture with very low complexity. Clients need to authenticate to the server and  the OAuth is the  method of choice since it is an open and straightforward standard with a decent level of security. In this article we will walk through an Android implementation of uploading a file to dropbox using their RESTFul API which utilizes OAuth authentication.

Android RESTful/OAuth upload file to Dropbox - CodeProject

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