Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silverlight web comic - CodeProject®

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Introduction to Article by apis3445

When the Visual Studio 2010 was still on beta I participate on a Microsoft competition from Mexico to develop an application with the new .NET framework 4.0 new the prize was a laptop. So because I like to learn new technologies (like ajax, wpf, linq, sdk of kinect, apis for google maps, google docs, Verifones TPV, fingerprints, a csc, xcode, develop for android etc). I wanted learn about silverlight because I didn't know silverlight and I like draw and I wanted my own page to create a simple comic. I ressearched if there was an existing page for create comics, but I found only a few pages, so I decide to learn silverlight and submit a silverlight application to create a webcomic for the competition.

Silverlight web comic - CodeProject®
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