Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My First Android App - CodeProject

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Introduction to article

Most of the tutorials starts with "Hello World" applications for beginnners to start with, in this article i have jumped step forward to come up with a bundle of tutorials which i hope will be usefull for Andriod developers (beginners) to start with.
The application is a simple Jobs Search. From an Andriod phone, user can search for jobs in a Job website (ASP.net Website) based on user current location (using GPS) and Job Location. The user will enter the search keyword and the number of miles and he will get all the jobs within the distance he entered based on his current location.
The application will cover the following tutorials:
  • Creating splash screen using thread and wait command
  • Navigating between different screens and using andriod navigation menu
  • Using GPS to get current location
  • Communicating with .Net web service using ksoap library
  • Listing the records in a table with functionality to click each row
  • Passing parameters between varous screens
  • Displaying Google Map

My First Android App - CodeProject
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