Monday, August 8, 2011

Realtime Webcam Sudoku Solver - CodeProject

Introduction to Article

This application might not have any practical value, but it is great from a learning perspective. I wanted to learn about computer vision. Computer vision is one of the most exciting areas of modern computing. It is also a difficult area. What is simple and obvious for the human brain is very difficult for a computer. Many things are still impossible with the current level of IT progress.
This application is implemented using low level C++ because I wanted to learn how things work under the hood. If you’d like to start with a computer vision application, you should take an existing library (like OpenCV) and start from there. You can find several tutorials here on CodeProject. The webcam image gathering source code is from from Vadim Gorbatenko (AviCap CodeProject).
The webcam acquires one image at a time (a frame). The flow of frames gives the impression of motion. The next image explains what this application does within a webcam frame.

Realtime Webcam Sudoku Solver - CodeProject
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