Friday, July 8, 2011

Silent printing in Silverlight - CodeProject

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As you may know, Silverlight 4 introduced the support for a basic printing functionality, through its Printing API (based on the PrintDocument class). This API allows you to send to a printer (in a bitmap-based way) your application screen, a portion of it, or an alternative custom visual-tree properly constructed.
In Silverlight, the printing support is limited in some ways for security reasons; for example:
  • the print operation must be user-initiated (that is: only permitted in the context of a handler that handles a user event);
  • the "Print" dialog box (that is the window depicted below, where the user can select the printer's settings and then click "Print" to continue or "Cancel" to cancel the print operation) is always shown.

Silent printing in Silverlight - CodeProject
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