Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Using The R Project for Statistical Computing

I have been looking into the feasibility of using the R statistical package for adding better statisitcal models and analysis for our software . R is extremely powerful. Almost any statistical method is represented in it.  The question I had is: How do I use R as a backend tool for our report generating software written primarily in VB.Net, SQL, and HTML?

Resulting Research
What I found out was that R plays nice with just about any technology available. There are tools for using R with a variety of interfaces written in on other languages  where you can go back and forth from and to R:
In my search,  I found that in order to truly embed R’s functionality and features in a windows application using Microsoft’s DCOM technology will get me the farthest  fastest.  It gives us as cloase to an API for R as possible
A  guide to importing and exporting data to and from R. -
How to import Excel data into a statistical application package, the easy way -
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